About us


Being entrepreneurial is not something you learn from books. It’s just like with running: you need to get on the road and start doing it. Then, gradually you’ll get better at it. In the beginning, you’ll make mistakes: you might start too fast, burn too much energy or take a wrong path and make a few detours… Some days it will feel like you can run a marathon and other days you’ll be injured and want to quit.

But one thing that might help you to stay on track, is to have a good coach, a mentor that gives you training advice or a role model that inspires you.

That’s what EntrepreRunners is about: inspiring young entrepreneurs with stories from other founders and bringing people together through a common passion: running.


We are Karen and Jeroen and found each other through a common passion for running and entrepreneurship. We’ll be interviewing CEOs while running and write blog posts about it.

EntrepreRunners team

The EntrepreRunners team (Jeroen and Karen) during the Meerdaalwoud trail

Why running?

Because there are so many similarities between running and entrepreneurship. Like setting goals and working hard to achieve them, no matter what… Like finding the will to keep going when it gets difficult, ….

In our future blog posts, we’ll definitely go more in detail about this comparison between running a race and running a business.


We hope our blog will inspire people who want to start their own business and – no matter what – just keep running!

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