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Daniel Solving (former CEO of Humblebee) and his son at Fontin (Sweden).

I’m meeting Daniel at the Fontin park in Kungälv (Sweden). It’s his favorite running spot and I see why: there’s a small lake surrounded by hills and trees and beautiful tracks. Perfect for a hot summer day like today.
Daniel also brought his 10-year old son Nils, who joins us for the tour. For Daniel, spending time with his family is very important at this point in his life. He spent the last 9 years starting up and running different companies and now he has decided that it’s time for a change.
As soon as we start running I realize that his son is in pretty good shape and after the first hill he’s already well ahead of us. We start talking about Daniel’s experience as a founder and CEO.

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Natalie Robertsen (CEO of VICAN) and EntrepreRunners interviewer Jeroen (left) running along the coastline near Tromsø (Norway).

“I also prepared a challenge for you”, Natalie Robertsen says with a smile before we can even start the interview. I’m in Tromsø and my legs are still sore from the Midnight Sun Marathon I ran yesterday, so Natalie is taking me on a recovery run along the coastline. She just picked me up from the Skansen hotel, where I’m staying. Before she gives any further clues, she continues. “My first job, just after I got my bachelor’s degree was to be the manager of this hotel. The owner of the building asked me to turn it into a hotel and develop the concept around it. At that time, I was the youngest hotel manager of Tromsø.”

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Kasbah Tamdakht

The Tizi n’Trail, an 80 km trail over 3 stages in Morocco, starting from Ouarzazate.

This week we’re interviewing Laurent Blondeel on the wonderful Tizi n’Trail. This is an 80 km trail over 3 stages in Morocco, starting from Ouarzazate, across the rocky desert to world heritage village Aït Benhaddou, through canyons and over mountain passes to lake Tamda at 2550m.

Laurent Blondeel (46 years old) runs his own business Planet Outdoor in Marseille, offering teambuilding and management coaching services. In a previous life he was a professional athlete specializing in cross-country and 1500m. He won the French Championships 4x800m title and later specialized in extreme adventure races like the 7-day Patagonia Expedition Race. Now he’s using his experience to help managers improve their team’s cohesion and handle stress.

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Garden journalist Laurence Machiels and EntrepreRunners interviewer Karen Van Audenhaege

Garden journalist Laurence Machiels (left) and EntrepreRunners interviewer Karen talked about life, business and running against the backdrop of the setting sun.

Today we ran 10 km with Laurence Machiels, through Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen, a nature reserve on the outskirts of Ghent.

Laurence is a freelance garden journalist who writes under her own name for Flemish and Dutch magazines like Libelle, Feeling Wonen, LandIdee and VAB-Magazine. She has a monthly column in Tuinseizoen and every Saturday you can find her gardening page in the newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws.

She has also published 10 books and has had her own gardening show on TV. Her passions are gardening, nature and trail running.

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